In ordinary life, everything is artificial.


According to the chance of birth or circumstance, you have a higher or lower position or a more or less comfortable life, not because it is the spontaneous, natural, sincere expression of your way of being and your inner need,


but because chance circumstances in life have brought you

in contact with these things.


An absolutely worthless man may be in a very high position and a man with a marvelous ability to create and organize may find himself toiling in an absolutely limited and inferior situation, whereas he would be a completely useful person if the world were sincere.


You are under the burden of an existence which weighs you down,

makes you crawl on the ground instead of rising above

and seeing all the threads,


the guiding threads, the threads which bind different things into a single movement of progression towards a realisation that grows clear.

One must spring up out of this half-consciousness which is usually considered quite natural – this is your “normal” way of being and you do not even draw back from it sufficiently to be able to see and wonder at this incertitude, this lack of precision; while, on the contrary, to know that one is seeking and to seek consciously, deliberately, steadfastly and methodically, this in- deed is the exceptional, almost “abnormal” condition.


And yet only in this way does one begin to truly live.


Why all this noise, all this movement, this vain and futile agitation;

why this whirlwind carrying men away like a swarm

of flies caught in a storm?


How sad is the sight of all that wasted energy, all those useless efforts! When will they stop dancing like puppets on a string, pulled they know not by whom or what?


When will they find time to sit quietly and go within, to recollect themselves

and open that inner door which screens from them

Thy priceless treasures, Thy infinite boons? . . .


How sorrowful and miserable seems to me their life of ignorance and obscurity, their life of mad agitation and unprofitable dispersion! —when one single spark of Thy sublime light, one single drop of Thy divine love, can transform this suffering into an ocean of delight! O Lord, my prayer soars towards Thee:


May they know at last Thy peace and that calm

and irresistible strength


which comes of an immutable serenity – the privilege of those whose eyes have been opened and who are able to contemplate Thee in the flaming core of their being.


But the hour of Thy manifestation is come. And soon hymns of gladness

will burst forth on every side. Before the solemnity of this hour

I bow down in devotion.


I contemplate the earth and its creatures, this mass of substance put into forms perpetually destroyed and renewed, this swarming mass of aggregates which are dissolved as soon as constituted,


of beings who imagine that they are conscient and permanent individualities

and who are as ephemeral as a breath, always alike

or almost the same in their diversity,


repeating indefinitely the same desires, the same tendencies, the same appetites, the same ignorant errors. But from time to time


Thy sublime light shines in a being and radiates through him over the world,

and then a little wisdom, a little knowledge, a little disinterested faith,

heroism and compassion penetrates men’s hearts,


transforms their minds and sets free a few elements from that sorrowful and implacable wheel of existence to which their blind ignorance subjects them.

But how much greater a splendor than all that have gone before,


how marvelous a glory and light would be needed to draw these beings

out of the horrible aberration in which they are plunged

by the life of cities and so-called civilizations!


What a formidable and, at the same time, divinely sweet puissance would be needed to turn aside all these wills from the bitter struggle for their selfish, mean and foolish satisfactions, to snatch them from this vortex which hides death behind its treacherous glitter, and turn them towards Thy conquering harmony!

O Lord, eternal Master,


enlighten us, guide our steps, show us the way towards the realisation of Thy law, towards the accomplishment of Thy work. I adore Thee in silence

and listen to Thee in a religious concentration.

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