Stone: Agate or Crystal Geode

The Mantra: Sujiivana Prachodayate


The Key:


Only a life dedicated to find oneself and becoming one

with the Divine is really worth living.


As Sri Aurobindo noted,


The key to life’s hidden secret is the true relation of this Spirit

with its own created existences.


What about your own true relation with that Spirit?


a) A very ancient Way is:


Be in the world like the lotus, which has its roots in the watery mud

but raise its magnificent blossom out of it,

no longer touched by it.


Over 2500 years ago the Buddha had advised:


Live your life in its totality, and although living

in the world, don’t be of it.


How will your life in its totality?

How will you live in the world but not be of it?

Relax a little bit, give life a chance to flow its own way,

unassisted by your mind and effort.

Stop directing the river’s flow.

Wu Hsin agrees:


Don’t take life personally. The sun has no care

for what passes through the sky.


Einstein made this observation:


A person starts his life at last when he lives for something

other than himself, when he can live

outside himself.


How will you live outside yourself?


Outside or beyond your ego and false self-image.


Can you?

To which extent?

Anthony de Mello noted that:


Life only makes sense when you perceive it as mystery and it makes

no sense to the conceptualizing mind.


Life is really simple but we make it complicated:


see how although it seldom gives us all we desire it does provide us with all we need to realize ourselves and accomplish our destiny, and even in our darkest hour we have never been abandoned by the Divine:


whenever we feel alone and helpless it is because we have cut

ourselves off from Him and at least unconsciously

rejected His guidance.


Jung used the word “infinite” instead of “the Divine”, but it means the same thing:


The telling question of a person’s life is whether or not

he is related to the Infinite.


Is your life related to the infinite?


Of course we are all always close to the Divine, as He is everything.

But the essential is:


being in contact with the Divine, at least

with a part of our being.


In most cases, to find our true life and destiny


we must be prepared to let go of the life

that we had planned for ourselves.


Which life did you plan for yourself?



b) In a certain sense we are like an embryo in the process of being born,


but so many get stuck at that level, never quite living, stranded in the mere expectation of life, or fear of it.

To find our true life, real aliveness,


we must let go of the narrow, limited, superficial conditionings

that we have absorbed from our whole culture.


We should live with the utmost intensity


as if we knew that we would die on the morrow, in the awareness

that each instant is a most precious gift from the Divine

which should never be wasted.


How often are you wasting some of His gifts?

In exchange of WHAT?

It is far too great a loss.



living a superficial life cuts the flow of the Divine Grace, not because we aren’t worth of it, for the Grace never takes that in consideration, but because then we are not receptive to it.


if you gave to someone a very valuable gift, but saw that it was not appreciated at all, would you give this person another one?


Our life is the total sum of all our expectations, attachments and fears:


letting go of them all will not only transform our life

but also the one of those close to us.


Which is the total sum of all your expectations and attachments?


Are you satisfied with it?

If yes, look at it once more.

If not, what will you DO about it?

As Gandhi noted,


Life is not waiting the storm to pass…but learning

to dance under the rain.


How good are you in dancing under the rain?

Or are you afraid of getting wet?

Ha ha ha ha!

Rainer Maria Rilke suggests that we trust Life:


Let life happen to you. Believe me: life

is in the right, always.


But then how come that often does not seem so at all?

Sri Aurobindo’s advice is:


Live always as if you were under the very eye of the Supreme

and of the Divine Mother.


Do nothing, try to think and feel nothing that would be

unworthy of the Divine Presence.

c) Remember the Emerald Tablets’ words:


Man, you believe to be living, but within death

your life really is.


Why remembering this helps?



the Memento Mori gives us the incentive to discover

and live our true life at last.


Life should be a constant joy full of gratitude for all the opportunities

that it grants us because only then we can grow inwardly

and discover who we really are.


To which extent can you do that?

If not enough, why not?


Live your precious life in a relaxed way, trusting that everything that happens, including what may appear to your mind as something “terrible”,


has been planned by the Divine to bring you to a state of detachment, peace joy and ultimately to your Great Liberation.


Eckhart Tolle agrees:


Life will give you whatever experience is the most helpful

for the evolution of your consciousness.


Listen to Rumi:


Do not worry that your life is turning upside down.
How do you know that the side you are used to

is better than the one to come?

Joseph Campbell agrees:


The goal of life is to have your heartbeat match the beat of the Universe, to match your nature with Nature.

We must get rid of the life we have planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.


Vivekananda’s advice is:


Let us live in Him and stand in Him.


It is the only joyful state of existence. Life on the plane

of the Spirit is the only life, and let us all

try to attain to this realization.


d) How can we live a higher, fulfilling life?


The effective length of our life consists only in the total sum of the moments in which we have ben really inwardly aware and no longer identified with our past, our ego and the self-image that we have of ourselves.


All other moments are part of death.


The quickest and simplest way is:


letting go every moment of everything

that we have ever been.


Wu Hsin presents two very simple but effective Way:


Every life becomes
sheer wonderment when

the mental commentary is removed.

The cup of black tea is

transformed into a holy moment.


Live in the world like a boat on the ocean:

on it but removed from it.


Never forget that:


Life is like a lump of wet clay, and potentially you are

its craftsman, the Potter.


Once you fully realize this you can shape the clay

of your life into a constant wonder.

Most people shape the clay of their lives into something very banal, that’s all.

What will you make of your own life?



As Henry Millersaid,


Until we accept the fact that life itself is founded in mystery,

we shall learn nothing.

Kierkegaard agrees:


Life is a mystery to be lived, not

a problem to be solved.

e) We have been given a certain amount of energy

which we can spend in so many different ways.

But which is their best use?

There is only ONE:


To put it all at the service of the Divine


Unless we consecrate all we do, or most of it at least

will be like a thin smoke in a high wind.


However, it is unlikely that we will be able to consecrate all we do until we fully realize that:


the Divine’s will is our own true will,


the one of our ego and personality are but the chains

of our inner prison.


Ideally we should have the same attitude as Mère when She said:


For me life is a torture if I am not exclusively turned to the Divine.

That’s the only remedy; otherwise, it’s true, life is a torture.

Existing becomes intolerable.




it is only when we become aware that any ordinary life concerned with security

and the satisfaction of desires is a kind of disguised death

that we truly begin to live.


To which extent are you aware of it?


This awareness is your lifeline.


Nisargadatta Maharaj has a warning:


Between the banks of pleasure and pain flows the river of life.

If you spend much time on either bank

you will miss out on life.


D.T. Suzuki agrees:


Life, according to Zen, ought to be lived as a bird flies through the air
or as a fish swims in the water.


Khalil Gibran adds that:


Your daily life is your temple and your religion. When you enter

into it take with you all.


In what does it consist your “all”?

As the Buddha warned:


Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live

without a spiritual life.


Could you?

Most seem to and have no problem with it.

But only seems, and a great disappointment is waiting for them just around the corner.


Never say: “This is my life.”

But tell yourself:


Everything in my life is a metaphor through which

the Divine is teaching me.


Or tell yourself with the Tiruvallavur’s words:


Life is Love’s way: without it like mere bones

covered by dry skin are we all.


The Kabuli

When the Kabuli was asked by a dervish the way to a life really worth living He replied that nothing could be simpler:


First of all turn your sheepskin jacket inside out, and then

just make sure that you get your bread

always from the same Baker!


Who is the same Baker?

Of course, the Divine.

What does turning our sheepskin jacket inside out stand for?


Letting go of our old self-image.


And buying your bread always from the same Baker?


How many different courses have your attended, how many Teachers or versions of the Path have you followed so far


instead of learning from your Inner Guide?


The Devil’s Advocate:

You may well be trying to make sense of your life and reach a “higher” level of it, but aren’t you still living like almost everyone else, sleepwalkers all, and call it life?


The Khdir:


Life has meaning only when we live it for something other than our ego

and superficial satisfactions. Our real life begins only when we realize

who we really are.


Until then it is only the mirage of life.


Strive to free yourself of all the illusions of your superficial

personality, self-image and ego, because they

are not what you really are.


you can dance amongst the flowers or keep sweating

in the salt mines: is entirely up to you.


Words of Power:


Our time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.

Use your human life to CREATE yourself.

who you really are


“Life consists in what a man is thinking of all day.”



What are you thinking of all day?


“Let your life lightly dance on the edges of Time

like dew on the tip of a leaf.”



How will you do that?

“Your life, as it is, is tailor-made for your next step – awakening

to your true nature as the Supreme Reality.”


“To be fully alive is to feel that everything

is possible.” Eric Hoffer


“A happy life consists in tranquility of mind.”



“A lifetime is like a flash of lightening in the sky;rushing by,

like a torrent down a steep mountain.”

The Buddha


“Life is a bridge, so don’t build a house upon it.”

The Buddha


Which is what most people are doing, and see how they end up!


“The end of life is to be like God, and the soul following God

will be like Him.” Socrates

Every perfect life is a parable invented by God.

Simone Weil

“Life is the flight of the alone to the alone.”


“The main task of man in life is to give birth

to himself.” Eric Fromm


Living consciously is life’s

only purpose.” Wu Hsin

“If you knew the secret of Life you too would choose

no other companion but Love.”



“Set your life in fire. Seek those

who fan your flames.” Rumi

“Life is meant for seeking the Divine. Life

is realised when finding the Divine.”



How will you find the Divine?

Sri Aurobindo answers this question:


“Live within, be not shaken

by outward happenings.”


Living it:

From the Quest:


I once read this story:
At a seminary about life, a professor brought a large plastic barrel and after showing his students that was it empty filled it with golf balls and asked if now it was full.

They all agreed that it was.

He poured bags of glass marbles into it up to the top and again he asked if it was full; they said yes, but he shook his head and poured a bag of fine sand into it to the brim. When he asked if the barrel now was really full the yes that he received was stronger than before, for it seemed impossible to put anything more into it.

But the professor poured several large water bottles into it until it overflew from the top and pointed out that only now it was really full.

Then he explained that:


– The tennis balls are all the obsolete habits and ways of being in our life.


– The glass marbles are things that we do which serve for something to some extent useful but not really indispensable.


– The fine sand represents the necessities of life, like the work that we do for a living, taking care of our bodily needs, etc.


He waited to be asked “And the water?”

And then told them that some sand is necessary, although most of us let too much of it in their lives,


but the water is the essential,


and the tennis ball and the glass marbles leave us far too little space for

the water of our life, for our love and joy, our spiritual aspects

and our inner contact with the Divine.


From Vijay’s Journals – 1963, London.

Yesterday night I met Mr. X, reputed to be a great occultist, and asked him, I must confess, a very mental question.

He started to reply, changed his mind and remained silent, inwardly concentrated a moment, then told me:


Incarnating in a human body without finding or at least seeking

the secret meaning of your life, who you really are,


is like being offered untold wealth and wonders by a great King

but accepting only the most worthless gift of all.


Would YOU ever do something that dumb?

We hope not!

Most do that almost all the time.


Question/Ko’han 1 to 3:

Instead of what you want from life, have you ever asked yourself what life wants from you?

What do you reckon it wants from you?


Question/Ko’han 4 and 5:


To really live we must constantly die to ourselves,

to all we have ever been.



Anyhow, would you want to die to yourself if you could?

Question/Ko’han 6 and 7:

In a certain sense,


life is like the art of writing a book or making a film so well

that there is no need of editing it.


What would you need to edit from your life?



Sri Aurobindo has the last word:


We are sons of God and must be even as He:

His human portion, we must grow divine.

Our life is a paradox with God as key.


The great stars burn with my unceasing fire

And life and death are both its fuel made.

Life only was my blind attempt to love:


Earth saw my struggle, heaven my victory.




1) See Life like walking upon a high, tight rope:

to keep your balance you must always keep moving, changing, and evolving.


– Determine which changes are the most needed in your life.


– Find out the best possible way to achieve them.


– Then hesitate no longer


and just DO IT.


2) Follow this advice of Carlos Castaneda


You must take up the responsibility to be here, in this wonderful

world, this wonderful time.


You must learn how to make each of your actions count, as you will remain in this world for but a short time, too short in truth to witness all its wonders. If you do not pick up this challenge, it is as if you were dead.


So, unless you think that your life will last forever, what are you waiting for?

Why this hesitation in front of the change?


Ask yourself these questions.


3) Meditate on these words of Sri Aurobindo:


In the right view both of life and of Yoga all life is either consciously

or subconsciously a Yoga.


For we mean by this term a methodised effort towards self-perfection by the expression of the potentialities latent in the being and a union of the human individual with the universal and transcendent Existence we see partially expressed in man and in the Cosmos. But all life, when we look behind its appearances,


is a vast Yoga of Nature attempting to realise her perfection in an ever increasing expression of her potentialities and to unite herself

with her own divine reality.




  • This passage


You cannot live without dying. You cannot live if you do not die

psychologically every minute.


This is not an intellectual paradox. To live completely, wholly, every day as if it were a new loveliness, there must be dying to everything of yesterday,


otherwise you live mechanically, and a mechanical mind

can never know what love is or what freedom is.


2) These words of Mère


In peace, in silence and in quietness the world was built; and each time that something is to be truly built, it is in peace and silence and quietness that it must be done.

It is ignorance to believe that you must run from morning to night and labour at all sorts of futile things in order to do something for the world.


Once you step back from these whirling forces into quiet regions, you see

how great is the illusion! Humanity appears to you

like a mass of blind creatures


rushing about without knowing what they do or why they do it and only knocking and stumbling against each other.

And it is this that they call action and life! It is empty agitation, not action,

not true life.


3) These verses from Sri Aurobindo’s Savitri


And Life, a splendor stream of musing Force,
Carries the voices of the mystic Suns.

A happiness it brings of whispered truth;
There runs in its flow honeying the bosom of Space

A laughter from the immortal heart of Bliss,

And the unfathomed Joy of timelessness,

The sound of Wisdom’s murmur in the Unknown
And the breath of an unseen Infinity


In Nescience began her mighty task,

In Ignorance she pursues the unfinished work,

For knowledge gropes, but meets not Wisdom’s face.

Ascending slowly with unconscious steps,


A foundling of the Gods she wanders here

Like a child-soul left near the gates of Hell

Fumbling through fog in search of Paradise.




Just “living”

real life isn’t yet

but surely soon

I will be born!


Live like a river quietly flows,

like a cloud knows when to rain

and in the clearest sky dissolve;

live as if you were already fully Awake.


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