Earthly life is the easiest means, one might say, or the most rapid,

of becoming conscious of the Divine.


And it is so true that even the great cosmic Individualities, when they want to be converted or to unite with the Origin, take a physical body for that, because it is more convenient for them, for it can be done faster and better than if they had to progress through all the states of being, from any one of the states of being in the universe to the supreme Origin.


It is easier to come down into a human body and find the divine Presence

there, it is quicker. Imagine the serpent biting its tail,

it makes a circle, doesn’t it?


So, if something wants to be united with the Divine, it is easier to enter the tail than to go the whole round of the body!

As the head bites the tail, well,


if you enter the tail you are immediately in contact with the head, otherwise you have to go all the way round

to reach the head.


There are people who have a happy and comfortable life, and people who have a miserable one. That depends… how shall I put it?—upon individual destiny, that depends perhaps on what they have to do upon earth, on the stage they have reached, on many things.


It’s quite obvious that it is not they who choose.


For most people would always choose the same thing. If they were asked what they wanted, there would be differences, yes, but not so great. It would be rather monotonous.

Most people want to be what they call “quiet”, what they call “peaceful”, to have a small organization in their own measure—which is generally microscopic,


and consists of a regular routine of almost the same

activities always, within almost the same bounds,

in almost the same surroundings –


and all that repeated without much difference; with a sufficient variety not to become completely boring, but with nothing that might disturb this regular round which makes what is called a peaceful life. For the vast majority of people this is the ideal.


And so, the realisation of this ideal in its details depends solely on the country

where they are born, the society in which they are born,

and the customs of their environment.


Their ideal is fashioned by the manners of the country and society in which they live.

Of course, there are exceptions ,but they only prove the rule. Generally speaking, the most common ideal is to be born in an environment comfortable enough to avoid too many difficulties in life, to marry someone who won’t give you too much trouble, to have healthy children who grow up normally—again to avoid trouble —and then a quiet and happy old age, and not be too ill, again to avoid trouble. And then to pass away when one is tired of life, again because one does not want any trouble.


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