Countless keys are there

but empty are the doors they open

or by ghosts from the past haunted.

Seek the one that Esau

for a bowl of porridge bartered

renouncing his birthright

of infinite Love and Bliss

like most of us still do.

Ask yourself why.


So many books had I

which for the Key I searched

but vague words in them found

hiding more than revealing

what I sought, and yet

for decades kept reading them:

how could I have been so dumb?



A wondrous girl I once met

who with the Key had been born

but when I asked her for it

but her body she gave me and said

that only once had she used it

and in a world beyond recognition entered

from where she was barely able to return

and never dared visit it again..

I assume that I also

for it I wasn’t ready yet.



A man who died (his heart awhile stopped)

and then like Lazarus came back to life

for the Key I asked, for he must have

at least glimpsed it in the beyond,

but he only could tell me that

far too bright was the light there

to see anything at all.



A Zen master for the Key I asked

but one of his ko’hans he gave me instead,

yet another question with no possible

rational answer, and of course

Zen ko’hans never keys are

merely signposts on the way.

I already have more than enough of those.



The Fire as Agni for the Key I asked;

but he only replied that of course

in the ultimate Burning that lit up the stars

the Key abides.

Finding it there isn’t easy at all

amongst such clouds of smoke

and confused flames turning all to ashes…

I had not yet discovered

the right way to burn.



Death for the Key I asked.

Enigmately she smiled while saying that

I was much better off not knowing

the price I would have to pay for it.

When I insisted laughed and added that

hidden in plain sight the Key is,

has always been

and that is why so very few

can ever find it.




An Angel for the Key I asked.

As if by my question surprised

warmly embraced me but only said

that first of all my own wings

must I grow to find it,

for where else could it possibly be

but in the highest sky?



The Khdir for the Key I asked

but He said that I already had it,

and all my life I had kept it hidden

in a secret place deep within,

so why did I ask?

Alas, it was exactly what I feared

he would reply!

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