The Key: 


We never came down completely into the world:



In this abides our salvation.


a) Kierkegaard asked:


How did I come to be here?


What is this thing called the world? How did I come into the world? Why was I not consulted? And If I am compelled to take part in it, where is the director? I want to see him.


Matt Kahn’s answer is:


The sky is your halo. The world is your ashram.

The body is your bedroom.


The past is your scrapbook. The future is your sketch pad. The mind

is your observatory. The Universe is your playground.

The heart is your compass.


Wu Hsin puts it as powerfully and succinctly as usual:


One is

in whatever one sees

the very fabric of the universe.


Rumi asked:


Just like the brush in the painter’s hand,

we have no idea where we are.


How do I know who I am or where I am, how could

a single wave locate itself in an ocean?

Nisargadatta Maharaj’s answer is:


As a body, you are in space. As a mind, you are in time.

But are you only a body with a mind inside it?

Have you ever investigated this?


Have you ever examined this?

The Swetaswatara Upanishad’s answer is:


The soul of man, a traveler, wanders in this huge cycle of Brahman, a totality

of lives and states, thinking itself different from the Impeller

of his Journey. Accepted by Him, attains

its goal of Immortality.

b) In the ancient metaphor of Jonas in the belly of the whale,


YOU are Jonas, and the belly of the whale

is the apparent world.


Like the whale that swallowed up Jonas in its belly the world is also a trap of which our mind is the prey:

the world as we perceive it is a distortion of the real one

brought about by our unexamined mind.


Each of us creates his own “reality”, and their total sum is the world we share.

Whenever we judge something as ugly or beautiful


we not only will perceive them as such but also to some extent

contribute to MAKE THEM ugly or beautiful.


Do you usually create an ugly or beautiful “reality”?

This is a great responsibility because


we do not create it thus only for ourselves but also for those close to us

and to some extent for the whole world..


Until the Great Awakening, in a certain sense we are all:


– Shipwrecked in a sea full of flotsam,

in all the inane superficialities and materialism of the world.


– Exiles in a land so far from our true home.


– Prisoners in a jail very difficult to escape from

because its iron bars and locked doors are all in our own mind.


– In a hell of our own making

where we are being punished for our selfishness by our selfishness itself.


– As alone as only one who is beginning to awaken

amongst everyone else still deeply asleep can be alone.


The way that Wu Hsin put it is:


We are afloat in The Great River.
All are carried along.

Some swim against the flow.

They, too, are carried along.


Are you swimming against the flow?

As most people try to do it swimming against the current is an exercise in futility.


but done in the right way it is our salvation.

even when we are still carried along.


Which is the right way?

The Course in Miracles’ advice is:


Remember always that you cannot be anywhere

EXCEPT in the Mind of God.


c) Mère offers a visual image which gives a very good insight into it

than any mental explanation ever could:


One is shut up in a shell, and inside it something is happening,

like the chick in the egg…


And it is only when all is ready that there comes the capacity

to pierce the shell and to be born

in the light of day.


Are you ready to emerge from your own external egg?

To which extent?

As Al Hallaj pointed out,


The mind has no image of your existence in time allowing it

to know where you are.


His question to the reader is:


You are the one who encompasses every ‘where’ up to the point

of no-where, AND WHERE ARE YOU?


Where did you think that you were?

In the world?


Merely your body and mind are there.


In your mind?


Only thoughts and thought formations from the cultural atmosphere

and from the past are there.


In your heart?


Not until you have first done a lot of work

on yourself to open it more.


In your soul?


Not while it is still just a concept

in your mind.


Rumi’ advice is:


Wherever you stand be the soul of that place.


How will you be the soul of that place?

It has often been said that,


We are where our mind is.


Where is your mind?

According to the Course of Miracles


You cannot be anywhere except

in the mind of God.


Yes, we seem to be in the world.

But the world also is in the mind of the DIVINE.

Just say with Rumi:


Even with my feet upon it and the postman knowing my doormy address is somewhere else.


And so is your real address, whether you are aware of it or not.

The Course in Miracles affirms that;


There is nothing outside you.


How so?


Because we are all secretly one with the Divine,

and He contains everything.


d) However, as Nisargadatta Maharaj pointed out:


It is not important where you are, once you

are established in the ‘I am’.


it is like space it neither comes nor goes; just as when

you demolish the walls of a building

only space remains.


Do you still think that it is so important WHERE you are?

Don’t be deceived.

What is important is WHO you are.

And who are you?


To find out at last who you really are, you will have to demolish

quite a few thick walls in your mind.


Which ones?


The ones of our false identifications, attachments, habits, desires, projections, anxieties and fears, and above all

the one of your mind itself.


What are you waiting for?

How good are you at demolishing mind walls?

It will come

In any case,


what are you doing here, if anything?


According to Charles Bukowski


We are here to unlearn the teachings of the church, state, and our educational system…We are here to kill war.


We are here to laugh at the odds and live our lives so well

that Death will tremble to take us.

What did you think that you were here for?

Ha ha ha ha!

Gurdjeff’s advice is:


Go out one clear starlit night to some open space and look up at the sky,

at those millions of worlds over your head.


Remember that perhaps on each of them swarm billions of beings, similar to you or perhaps superior to you in their organization. Look at the Milky Way.


The earth cannot even be called a grain of sand in this infinity.

It dissolves and vanishes, and with it, you.

Where are you?


Question/ko’han 1 to 4:

Where do you think that most of you is at this moment of your life,

In your body?

In your heart?

In your mind?

Or where?

Question/ko’han 5:

According to Hafiz


This place where you are right now,

God circled it on a map for you.


Are you using this map?

Question/ko’han 6 and 7:

As already mentioned, the Course of Miracles said that:


You cannot be anywhere except in the Mind of God

because nothing else really exists.


To which extent can you FEEL this?

How often do you forget it?


From the Nag Hamadi scrolls of Gospel of Thomas the Christ has the last word:


If they say to you, ‘Where did you come from? say to them:


We came from the light, the place where the light came into being

on its own accord, established itself and became manifest

through their image.


Is someone asks you where you come from, what do you say?




1) Consider this:


You probably think that you are sitting still, not moving while reading this, but actually you are rotating with the earth at high speed, a whole turn each day, and also rotate around the sun with the earth at 30 km a second,


while at the same time orbiting the center of our galaxy at 250 km per second,

while at the same moving with our galaxy through space

at 600 km per second.


2) Meditate on these verses from Sri Aurobindo’s Savitri:


Why is it all and wherefore are we here?
If to some being of eternal bliss

It is our spirit’s destiny to return

Or some still impersonal height of endless calm,
Since That we are and out of That we came,

Whence rose the strange and sterile interlude

Lasting in vain through interminable Time?

Who willed to form or feign a universe

In the cold and endless emptiness of Space?

Or if these beings must be and their brief lives,

What need had the soul of ignorance and tears?

Whence rose the call for sorrow and for pain?

Or all came helplessly without a cause?

What power forced the immortal spirit to birth?




– This passage from the film the Matrix,

which shows how the awareness of the hidden realities is beginning to be felt in the collective consciousness:


Now I tell you why you are here: You are here because you have

the intuition of something that you cannot explain

to yourself. You just feel that it is there.


All your life you felt the sensation that there is something which doesn’t fit in the world. You do not know well what is the matter, but feel it. It is like a fixed nail in the brain, making one crazy.


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