There are no individuals, only billions of forms through which

the functioning occurs. The totality is constant, while

the functioning parts come and go.


Regardless of the species, there is no “who” that is distinct from the organism. Naming every water buffalo on the rice farm doesn’t make each an individual.


A name and a form are merely an address. It is there, like your shadow

is there in daylight. Give it the same attention

that you give to your shadow.


Individuality is the prism through which the world becomes distorted. This is the case because the world is represented as how it relates to “me”.


The individual is a habitual point of view.

It is memory, the past only.


The individual is really a series of interconnected processes working together that give the appearance of being a single, separated whole.


All individuals die.
Only those who are no longer

individuals live forever.


How so?


Individuality dies with

the end of the body-

yet, individuality can die before

the death of the body.

Wu Hsin calls the latter freedom.


The body is charged with life force Energy

and sustained by food.

Where is the role of an individual in this?

It progresses through life reacting to people,

places and events in a manner
specific to its nature.

Where is the role

of any individual in determining this?

The mirage of an egg

cannot be shattered by any mallet.

Likewise, the mirage of a separate self

cannot be shattered by any individual.

The individual is itself

the mirage.


The individual desires liberation.

But, liberation from what?


Liberation from the pain

of being an individual.


Can you not see why

Wu Hsin is laughing so hard?


Wu Hsin wants to know:
what causes the belief that

you are an individual?


Life is experienced as

a series of events
happening to an individual.

Life is happening.


The individual is merely
one of the series of events.


From infant to child, to teenager,

to adult, to elder, what can be

less permanent than identity?

To root oneself in identity is like

planting a tree in the mist.


Identity is an acquired idea.
One is what one was

prior to the acquisition.


All notions of individuality

are notions of ownership:

my body,

my thoughts,

my feelings.


The self-perpetuating mechanism

referenced to as the individual is merely

an artifact of memory.

It is like a top

that spins from its own inertia.


The individual perceives that
Life is happening to him whereas

The one who has
Relinquished his individuality

Perceives that life is

Merely happening.

This is the state wherein

Tension cannot arise.


The Religion of Individuality:


Religion is a collection of beliefs, unverified certainties and worldviews that are built around narratives, symbols , and histories. It is intended to provide meaning to a personal life. By far, the religion with the most adherents is the Religion of the Individual. Its main tenets are:


* We are born; we die. In between, is the life we live.


* We are a separate entity in a world of other separate entities.


* The world existed before we came into it and will continue to do so after we depart from it.


* Everything I claim to be mine is in fact so.


* Phenomena exist independent of their perception.


* We are the knowing subject of every object.


* We are the ultimate initiator, the doer, the thinker, the feeler, the choice maker.


* Mind is produced somewhere in the body and is therefore personal.


* Consciousness is epiphenomenal of mind and is likewise personal.


When these tenets are examined rigorously, the Religion

of the Individual crumbles and is replaced with

the clear sight of What-Is.



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