Stone: Diamond or Pearl

The Mantra: Jay Madiiya Satya Vizasanataa

(Victory to my true individuality)


The Key:


To acquire a true individuality we must first of all

get rid of our personality


and then cut off all our identifications like we would prune

the dead branches of a tree.


How good are you at pruning dead branches of yourself?

It pays off.


a) To reach our individuality


we must also integrate the various elements of our being and transcend

them all into our higher Self, which is always one

with the Divine.


On the collective level, the separative individuality of nations, cultures, religions and races will soon come to an end and be replaced by global oneness.

Never forget that


Real individuality is not a birthright



overcoming the resistance of our culture and society which cannot

tolerate it because it is always inherently rebellious

to established authority.


Do you have any problem with this?

Did you perchance reply: “Of course not!” without really considering it?

You may well be sincere and believe that you do,


but there are still other parts of you resisting such great change,

otherwise you would already have reached

your true individuality.


Which other parts of you?


All of them but the central one.


Which is the central one?

What will you DO about them?

To begin with, be aware that


is not just an ethical duty and a great achievement

to become a true individual but

our very salvation.




in many subtle ways it influences all those around us and even

to a certain extent the whole world.


As Sri Aurobindo noted,


When we have passed beyond individualizing, then we shall be real Persons. Ego was the helper; Ego is the bar.


Transform the divided individual into the world-personality;

let all thyself be the divine. This is thy goal.


b) The Divine looks at the world through our eyes

and at the complexity of all mental activities through our mind,


but for this He needs no individuality at all.


All we perceive, feel, enjoy or suffer through our senses is an experience which is always at least to some extent deformed by the conditioned interpretations of our mind.


and has nothing to do with our individuality.


What does this imply?

Vivekananda makes a very important point:


You people in this country are so afraid

of losing your in-di-vid-u-ali-ty!


Why, you are not individuals yet.


When you realize your whole nature, you will attain

your true individuality, not before.


How will you realize your whole nature?

Jac O’Keeffe’s advice is:


If you do not limit yourself to being an individual,a whole package of stories

will disappear with that limitation.


As you recognize your capacity to observe without identification, an automatic innert dying up of erroneous beliefs begins to take place.


If there is an inner recognition of this taking place for you,
then fear and anxiety vanishes.

Everything settles by itself into a perfect emptiness.No turbulence remains and it cannot feature until you pick up your next thought.


c) The way out of our superficial, apparent individuality

consists in realizing that


every time we opened ourselves to anything, especially in our early childhood, we were taken over by certain energies that still keep going in the same direction even now, although partly opposed or modified by others, for each has his own will and direction, its own little…”individuality.”

The problem is that


their total sum never adds up

to what we really are.


What is it that YOU really are?

Are you perfectly happy with it?

Do you know that you CAN be almost anything you really want?


Someone remembering a past life as, say, Napoleon, usually assumes that he is still the same individual,


but this would mean having the same thoughts, feelings,

preferences and repulsions as Napoleon,


while of course we are never given the same set of qualities twice.


Therefore he cannot be the same “individual”


And, sorry, you aren’t the exception.

There are no exceptions to this.

As Orage said,


With conscious work, individuality takes the place of personality.

Individuality grows from essence and is

the consciousness of will.


What does this imply?

That as Nisargadatta Maharaj advises:


You must identify yourself with the totality of the Manifestation,


then you spread out everywhere…while if you remain clinging

to your individualism, you cannot make any progress.


How will you identify yourself with the totality of the Manifestation?


d) To achieve our true individuality we must first realize that

the true and the false “Icannot coexist:


by identifying with our outward aspects we inevitably lose

contact with our very essence.


But then where are we?Nowhere at all.


With favorable circumstances the dominant personality plus some intimations from above can add up to a beginning

of a true individuality,


but the vast majority never reaches this level and remains an ever-changing amalgam of mostly contradictory tendencies determined by their conditionings..


Keep also in mind that as Mère said,


The ego is surely the instrument for individualization, that is, until one is an individualized being, constituted in himself, the ego is an absolutely necessary factor. If one had the power of abolishing the ego ahead of time, one would lose one’s individuality.


But once the individuality has been formed, the ego becomes not only

useless but harmful. And only then comes the time

when it must be abolished.


But naturally, as it has taken so much trouble to build you, it does not give up

its work so easily, and it asks for the reward of its efforts, that is, to enjoy the individuality.


Eckhart Tolle adds that:


You realize your true identity as consciousness itself, rather than what consciousness has identified with. That’s the peace of God.


The ultimate truth of who you are is not

I am this or I am that, but I Am.

Never say: “My individuality is what I am and consists in my various qualities, my art, spirituality, healing powers, etc.”

But tell yourself:


My true individuality is what in me is already open to the Divine

through which I gradually become

who I am meant to be.


What are you really meant to be?


The Devil’s Advocate:

My client is the only one who is a real individual: he hasn’t changed a bit, not in the least, since ages ago!

And I am doing not bad at all myself!


The Khdir:   


Any “individuality” which remains always the same

is a prison, a kind of living death.


Words of Power


The true individual in us

is the Divine.


Our true individuality abides in pure awareness,

never in whatever our consciousness

identifies itself with.


What is usually your individuality identified with?


How does it affect your life?


“It is impossible to attain Liberation whilst holding

onto identity.” Mooji


“Through the eyes may be open,let the seeing

be empty of identity.”Mooji

How will make your seeing empty of identity?


Living it:

From “The Quest”:


I used to believe that my ”lower” tendencies belonged only to my ego, not to any other parts of me at all, and considered my creative writing and spiritual experiences integral part of my real individuality, of who I really am.

This was before this “who I really am” had changed so many times that it made me giddy; therefore nowadays I no longer identify myself with anything but see myself as a tiny ray of the Divine.

I met quite a few seekers who were so ferociously attached to their individual ways that they had forgotten that


we can no more unite our apparent “individuality” with the Divine

than keep a snowflake unmelted

at the core of the Sun.


Mère explained it so well:


“The original Will was to form individual beings capable of becoming

conscious once again of their divine origin.


Because of the process of individualization one must feel separate if one is to be an individual. The moment you are separated, you are cut off from the original consciousness, at least apparently, and you fall into the inconscient.


For the only thing which is the Life of life is the Origin, if you

cut yourself off from that, consciousness naturally

is changed into unconsciousness.”


To which extent do you cut off yourself from your Origin?

If not at all, you would not need to read this


Question/ko’han 1 and 2:

What does being an individual means to you?


Question/Ko’han 3 to 5:


As an individual, you are not who you always

thought that you were.


How so?

How will you find your true individuality?

How do you expect that finding it will change your life?

Question/ko’han 6 and 7:


Once you have finally realized that you are one with all and everything

is also you, your limited sense of individuality

is bound to dissolve.


Do you think that the sense of limited individuality that you conceived of it will still persist?


Note: remember that at this stage it tends to persist in hidden, disguised ways.


Rumi has the last word by asking:


Amongst all these thousands of “I’s”,

which one am I?


Ask yourself the same question:


Amongst all these thousands of “I’s”,

which one am I?


Whatever answer may come from your mind, how can you be sure?

Please don’t say that you are them all.

It isn’t true.

For example,


a beautiful temple is much more than the bricks

or stones of which it is made.




1) Consider the fact that

you aren’t the same person now that you were even just a few years back: so many thoughts, feelings, emotions are different; your vision of life and the world is no longer quite the same.

– List all the elements in which your real being abides,

plus all those which came to you from other people or systems of belief not kindred to your soul.

– Ask yourself: How am I to get rid of the latter?


To discover and hold onto your true individuality,


to be truly yourself under the influence of almost everyone around you

and your whole culture which always try to make you conform


you must become a Warrior of the Light.


Do you feel ready for it?

If not, how will you become ready?


  • Meditate


Drop your present identity and

Embrace the paradox of identification with this formlessness.


Exchange a permanent, unchanging identity for

All those identities that change from day to day and

You accept as yours.

They are as discardable as

The dishwater used in cleaning the mid-day meal.


Awakening is the death of individuality.

When the drop is absorbed back into the ocean,

There is no longer any notion of being a drop.


One is not born with an identity. One’s identity is acquired over time,


Take this acquisition and set it down for a short time. It can always be retrieved again.

Now, spend the balance of this day without any acquired identity and notice what arises.

This is all.


3) Follow Mère’s advice:


You must learn to unite what you call your individual self

with your true psychic individuality.


Your present individuality is a very mixed thing, a series of changes which yet preserves a certain continuity, a certain sameness or identity of vibration in the midst of all flux.


It is almost like a river which is never the same and yet has a certain

definiteness and persistence of its own.


Your normal self is merely a shadow of your true individuality which you will realise only when this normal individual which is differently poised at different times, now in the mental, then in the vital, at other times in the physical,


gets into contact with the psychic and feels it as its real being. Then

you will be one, nothing will shake or disturb you.




1) These verses of Wu Hsin:


The entire manifestation is
one unitary functioning.

As such, there is no room
for an individual that is

separate from the whole.


2) This passage of Mère:

In the Divine you do not really lose your individuality: you only give up

your egoism and become the true individual,

the divine personality


which is not temporary like the construction of the physical consciousness which is usually taken for yourself.


One touch of the divine consciousness and you see immediately

that there is no loss in it.


On the contrary, you acquire a true individual permanence which can survive a hundred deaths of the body and all the vicissitudes of the vital-mental evolution.

Without this transfiguring touch, you always go about in fear; with it,


you gradually develop the power to make even your physical being

plastic without losing its individuality.


3) These words of Sri Aurobindo:


The immense importance of the individual being, which increases as he rises in the scale,


is the most remarkable and significant fact of a universe which started

without consciousness and without individuality

in an undifferentiated Nescience.


This importance can only be justified if the Self as individual is no less real than the Self as cosmic Being or Spirit and both are powers of the Eternal.


It is only so that can be explained the necessity for the growth of the individual

and his discovery of himself as a condition for the discovery of the cosmic

Self and Consciousness and of the supreme Reality.


If we adopt this solution, this is the first result, the reality of the persistent individual; but from that first consequence the other result follows, that rebirth of some kind is no longer a possible machinery which may or may not be accepted,


it becomes a necessity, an inevitable outcome

of the root nature of our existence.


The individual soul is the spiritual being that is sometimes described as a spark of the Divine, but can also be described as the Divine Himself that supports His own manifestation as the multiplicity.


This is the true spiritual individual that appears in his full truth

when we get rid of the ego and of our false

separative sense of individuality


and realize our unity with the cosmic and transcendent Divine and with every being. It is this that makes possible the Life Divine.




From Your Divine Mind the words I write flow,

from Your divine Heart whatever love I have;

like thin smoke in a high wind are my thoughts

and yet an individual something in me feels!




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