Only one who establishes an observation post outside of the structure

of the individual can have clear sight.


Failing to do this while hoping for clarity is like trying to draw water from a three meter well with a two meter rope.


An individual dies only once. But if he chooses to die

before he dies, then he will never die.


Yet, we continue to cling to our individuality, failing to realize that we are, in fact, the avatar of Conscious Being. When the shift occurs, it is from being the actor to being the witnessing of the action.


When there is the realization that

“all is myself”, individuality ceases,

never to return.


Ask yourself this:

over the course of your life

how many identities have

you created for yourself?

Where are they now?


How long do you believe that

your present identity will last?

Where does it go when it is finished?


The extinguishing of

the sense of individuality is

a most worthwhile endeavor.


Yet, who is there

to do it?


One is not born with an identity.

Identity is acquired.

In the absence of all acquisitions

true being shines.


For a single instant

let us suspend

the idea of an individual you.

Within that single instant, then

where do you have to go?

What do you have to attain?


This heavy garment,

this personal identity,

seems to protect.

It is merely a second skin,

one step removed from the infinite.


Take it off and

move beyond all need for protection.


The goal of the individual is

the perpetuation and preservation of

the individual.


When the individual is understood

as nothing other than a construct,

all notions of the goal disappear.




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