There are many persons who have a great attachment to their own individuality. They want first and foremost to remain as an individual and then search, for they are not prepared to lose that individuality.

While retaining their identity, they want to find out what is the truth.

But in this process you must get rid of the identity itself. If you really find out what you are,


you will see that you are not an individual, you are not a person, you are not

a body. And people who cling to their body identity

are not fit for this knowledge.


Whenever there is a sense of individuality, personality, or a separateness, you have so many wants.

You want to see a movie, you want to hear music, you want to play, you want to have sex, you want to eat fancy foods, you want to consume intoxicant,


but when that sense of separateness is not there, when you are one

with the totality, these things are not desired.


And spirituality or what you call”religion” is mainly to understand this: that you don’t require anything, you are a part of the totality, or reality. When you grasp that, you don’t have any of these needs. But so long as you are separate from things, you need everything.

To exist as a separate individual constitutes the entire problem. And all these things, the various sense caterings, all reading, search for knowledge, for pleasure, everything is related to that.


Once all that subsides, there is no more problem. Then the bliss you experience is true bliss.

The foregoing, however, is not a ban on activities.


Do whatever you want, but never forget the reality, never forget

what you really are. You are not the body,

you are not the food, you are not this


The essential basis of self-realization


is the total rejection of the individual as an independent entity, whether

it comes about as a spontaneous understanding or through

an utter surrender of one’s individual existence.






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