All that we have perceived of the Divine so far is nothing,

hardly the shadow of a shadow of Him.


All our highest words, like Love, Ecstasy, Peace Truth, Vision, etc

are but the vaguest hint about Him.


The mystic writer Hermann Broch had a very deep insight of it:


And in the most unknown, the most invisible, unutterable, in remotest Divinity,

there ruled one WHOSE SHADOW WAS THE LIGHT, always sensed,

never known, the utterly hidden.


Why is He the most unknown?



All our highest words, like Love, Ecstasy, Peace Truth, Vision, etc

are but the vaguest hint about Him.


Please do not read further awhile and FEEL this.


Our human mind cannot even begin to conceive

what His infinite wonder is like.


Look at it without your mind.

Contemplate also St Teresa of Avila’s insight:


The feeling remains that God

is on the journey, too.


To which extent can you feel the wonder of such a thing?

The ancient Greek dittoTheos ouk estin alla gignetai” means the same thing:


In the Manifestation, it would appear that the Divine

is in a phase of becoming.


In a phase of becoming not in rapport to Himself but in US.

The Sufi Rabia’h asked:


How can you possibly describe the nature of something in whose presence

we are blotted out and no longer there?


In whose being do you still endure? And who lives in you,

a witness of your journey?


Our Journey down here is but a vague echo and reflection of His own.

Who lives in YOU, a witness of your journey?

Ibn Ata’allah reached the very core of His Mystery when he said:


Allah was and there was nothing with Him.

He is now as He was.


But if both sentences are true, and indeed they are, it implies that


we do not really exist.


Ha ha ha ha!

Is there any other interpretation?

Please look at this a while longer before reading on.

Mère said the very same thing:


You must go very deep within yourself and make a very important discovery:



There is only ONE thing that exists

and it is the DIVINE.


How does this make you feel?

But …


if we don’t really exist, how shall we

ever find Him?


Good question, good question…and yet another conundrum.

But there is a way.

Mère points out the Way:


But, you know, if you think Him here, like that (gesture against Her face)

touching you… if you could feel…


it is not like the touch of another person, … it is something which is not stranger to you, not external, which does not go from the outside to the inside – not that – it is everywhere – there is a form… and yet there is no form; and the impression of a look, and there are no eyes, and there is a Smile, and (Mother laughs) we cannot help but saying:


Yes Divine, I am stupid” but He laughs.

We laugh, we are glad.


Would you not like to laugh with the Divine?

You sure would.


But first you must become

who you really are.


And who are you?

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