Have you ever explored the hidden nature of your own being,

all the thoughts, feelings, emotions,

subliminal memories in you,

the mysterious source of your impulses, attachments, needs; the real cause of your pain, frustrations, angers, insecurity, secret fears, senses of guilt if any, which all together at the subconscious level govern almost your whole life?

Examine them right now.


Imagine that:

– You have just now been given the mind

and emotional inclinations to which you have identified yourself with and are so familiar to you:


consider whether they are really what you truly need,

and which of them you would rather change.


Do it right now.


– You have just inherited a large house

with rooms full of furniture, odds and ends, a cellar full of old coffers never opened since long and a mysterious, yet unexplored attic…

wouldn’t you want to discover all that it is there?


What would you expect to find there?

You might be surprised.


Would you not throw away all broken, useless or ugly things,

clean and keep those which are good and may be useful,

see what is lacking and must be acquired?


Of course you would.

But then

why are you not doing the same with all that

is now in your mind?


– You have gone mad and filled your home with garbage,

so it so there flies, insects and stinky, ravenous ugly rats, which you hadn’t noticed so far because only now suddenly realize in which condition your home is:

Wouldn’t it be quite a shock?


The subconscious of most people is infested with some

such vermin, and almost none of us are entirely

free from at least some of them.


As you are interested in the issues of this text, your subconscious is likely not to be so bad,

but there is still something in it

to be cleaned up.

Shabistari’s advice is:

Go, clear out your heart’s chamber,


arrange it as the Beloved’s abode. When you go forth, He will come in

and …His beauty will unveil. Take all else away,

leaving me alone with Him.


How will you clear out your heart’s chamber?



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