In the ancient maps at the borders of all unknown, unexplored territories

was written: Hic Sunt Dracones –

here are dragons.

Most of this text is territory already mapped by various Teachers along the ages,

but there are dragons in it all the same.

According to an ancient ditto attributed to Saadi Shirazi:

Deep below the sea are treasures beyond compare,

but if safety you want it is
on the shore.

Treasures or safety?

This text is the sea, not the shore.

The shore is the world, the false identifications with our body, emotions, with our mind and all its beliefs, and above all every conditioning and limitations of our being.

It is like a playground and training ground for young souls, but becomes

a deadly trap when we lose ourselves in it for: use it

as a springboard to dive deep into the Sea.

The Buddha’s advice is:

Don’t be too much concerned with this shore;

it is momentary.

Tomorrow you have to go. Even seventy years is not a long time; compared to eternity it is just a moment. Your life lasts only as long as a soap bubble.

You THINK it is long enough – seventy years – because you compare your life with the life of flies or mosquitoes; then it looks long enough.

Walt Whitman agrees:

Long have you timidly waded holding a plank by the shore,
Now I will you to be a bold swimmer…

The aim of every real Teacher is:



The sea represents the vast Unknown, Love, mystery, wonder, and ultimately of the Divine.

Deep below the Sea are treasures beyond compare.

Which treasures?

There is only ONE, but has been given various names: Love, Peace, Truth, Joy, Ecstasy, Bliss, Ananda, Vision, the Great Liberation, the Great Awakening, Samadhi, Nirvana…

One word sums them all up:


But don’t forget that if it is safety that you want

it is on the shore.

Therefore before reading this text

consider whether you are ready to leave the shore

to dive deep into the Sea.

To which extent are you ready?

What will happen when you dive deep into the sea?

You will be amazed.

As Rumi said,

How could you reach the Pearl by only looking at the sea?

If you seek the Pearl, be a diver.

You have been walking the ocean’s edge,

holding up your robes to keep them dry.

You must dive naked under, and deeper

under, a thousand times deeper!

Wu Hsin has a warning:

When one is enthralled with the beauty

of the ocean’s surface that

one forgets

the immensity below the waves

His advice is:

Fifty feet below the ocean’s surface, no waves can be discerned.

Therefore, to transcend the waves of the world,

diving deep is necessary.

Rumi’s advice is similar:

How could you reach the pearl by only looking at the sea?

If you seek the pearl, be a diver.

About the shore, Bodhidharma said that

When you’re deluded, this shore exists. When you wake up, it doesn’t exist. Mortals stay on this shore.

But those who discover the greatest of all vehicles stay o

n neither this shore nor the other shore. They’re able

to leave both shores.

Which is the other shore?

How will you leave both shores?

What happens when we dive

deep into the Sea?

As Wu Hsin said,

To know who one is

requires diving unto the depths

of one’s own being.

The Pearl rests on the bottom

After he left the shore and dived deep into the inner sea to find what he had searched for all his life Vijay came back a last time to write these last words in his journal:

I had a male body and a name, Vijay. In the first part of my life I lived like an ascetic, and in the second part dwelt with my Shakty and soulmate in a house in the midst of a large forest that I had planted in the wasteland at the beginning of Auroville.

I had many books, powerful crystals and healing stones, a computer, the poems and books that I wrote in it, five dogs and a soulmate that I infinitely loved.

All these things are
there, and I love her always

but I no longer feel that anything is “mine”

apart from the special pendant around my neck, a silver cylinder containing some hair of the divine Mother Mere with Her symbol on it, a Shiva Eye, a phantom crystal from the Himalayas and a large star ruby.

In the external world hardly anything has changed but inwardly

nothing will be the same ever again.

My body still sleeps in the same house,

and everyone calls me Vijay still.

Why not? It is the name Mère gave me.

As it has been said,

“Errors like straws, upon the surface flow;

He who would search for pearls must dive below.”

As I dived deep into the sea of the vast Unknown

I knew that my old “I” would die and be no more but wasn’t afraid,

for by letting go of all that I have ever been I would become

who I really am at last.

Like dying and being reborn it was, and at first I hesitated,

but Mère lead me on far beyond myself

into the ultimate “adventure of consciousness and joy”,

the Wonder and the Mystery…

Junayd has the last word:

Shibli sought out Junayd as a teacher and said to him:

“Many people repute you as a supreme expert on the pearls of awakening

and divine wisdom. Either give me one of these pearls or sell it to me.

Junayd smiled.

if I sell you one, you will not be able to pay the price;

if I give you one, coming by it so easily

will make you undervalue it.

Do like me, dive headfirst into the Sea. If you wait patiently

you will obtain your Pearl.

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