Our inner being is in the Divine, our body in the world, but our minds

are still in the no man’s land in between the primal Darkness

and His infinite Light and Love.


Our inner being is always helping us to float upwards to all His Light

and Love, but we are constantly being pulled downwards

by the unexamined forces of our lives.


a) Najm al-Din Kubra introduces the issue with a reassurance:


Each time a flame ascends from you, towards you

a flame descends.


Whenever you feel any pull downwards:


a bad or banal thought, a negative emotion, a desire for something harmful to your soul, become aware that it is pulling you downwards and resist it, cast it away from you,


and resume floating upwards.


What are you waiting for?

There is NOTHING else really worth doing until this is accomplished.

First we must learn to fly as high as possible.


Douglas Adams gives a hint of the way:


In order to fly, all one must do is simply

to miss the ground.

How will you miss the ground?

Trungpa Rinpoche answer is.


The bad news is you’re falling through the air,
nothing to hang on to, no parachute.

The good news is there’s no ground.

In which sense there is no ground?

How come that there seems to be?

Why it is a good thing?


b) The Vedas speak of a bird called “Homa”

(representing the call to return to our Source, our original home) who lives high above the clouds, far from the noise and confusion of the world.


There he makes an egg begins to hatch from so high that the newborn bird keeps falling even while is acquiring sight and wings, but before hitting the ground




As soon as we are born,


we also begin falling towards the ground

called “death.”


The bird Homa symbolizes those of us


who manage to Awaken before the death of the body

by flying upwards to our Source.


Note: please stop a moment before going on to consider this a while longer.


c) From another culture, these verses of Rumi

say the same thing:


Of their freedom, great sky circles birds make – how did they

ever learn it? They fall, and while falling

are granted wings.


How are they granted wings while they fall?

To answer, think in terms of letting go of your false in identifications and beliefs

In the Vedas there also is a similar metaphor, the one of a Swan called Hamsa


who is imprisoned in countless nets but keeps striving

to become free, to fly high in the sky at last.


The level where you are beginning to float upwards is determined by the nature of your thoughts, emotions, aspirations, anxieties and fears, by the energies of all that you have ever been,


but it is in your power to reach a much happier

and higher level by changing them.


Let us repeat this once more:

Whenever you feel any pull downwards – a bad or inane thought, a negative emotion, an egoistic desire immediately become aware that it is pulling you downwards and resist it with all your strength, cast it away from you


and resume floating upwards.


d) Sri Aurobindo offers a very comforting reassurance:


…even before a complete purification, if the strings of the egoistic heart and mind are already sufficiently frayed and loosened, the Jiva (Soul) can by a sudden snapping of the main cords escape,


ascending like a bird freed into the spaces or a widening like

a liberated flood into the One and Infinite.


Wouldn’t you love that?

You sure would!

It is entirely possible.

If you REALLY want it, that is.

Virgil warns that:


Easy is the descent into the lower world.
Night and day the door of glowing stands open.

But to recall thy steps and pass out to the upper airThis is the task, this is the work.

Stephen Levine adds these comforting verses:


But we are pulled upward

through forgotten ghosts
and unexpected angels,


And there is nothing left to say
but we are That.


You are That.


e) We have such a deeply ingrained way to hold onto something or other


as if we were cripples – holding unto old habits, amusements, pleasures, etc, and many absurdly even hold onto their old suffering even when it has no longer any real reason to be, if it ever had.

When we let go of all that indeed we experience a sense of unburdening, of liberation, but often at the same time, strangely, also some uneasiness, hesitation or uncertainty.

The reason is that for the first time


We no longer have a hold.


At this point most feel very uneasy and run back into their old ways of being and identifications,

Whenever you may find yourself unable to do without anything to hold to, for whatever reason, at least hold onto something positive, like a mantra, a simple meditation technique, etc.


But ultimately even these must be left behind

to fly even higher upwards.


The I Ching hexagram YI, the Ascending – which is the same thing as Floating Upwards – speaks of progress, an advantage, a strengthening, a fullness, abundance.

The ideogram shows an abundance of water (spiritual energies) being poured into a vessel (each human being open to it.)

The image of the Ascending is:


One ascends by one’s progress and by

avoiding excesses.


The Khdir:


You have almost reached the end of a very ancient journey and

will soon come fly upwards to His Kingdom.


the Divine has been waiting for you for such a long time:

don’t make Him wait any longer,


arise now and manifest your true nature!


Words of Power:


Once you have reached a certain level in your floating upwards,

you will never want to descend from it ever again.


“Every step I take in the light is mine forever.”

Sri Yukteswar


Every step that you take Floating Upwards is yours forever.

Actually, it is the ONLY thing which can be truly yours


“You have escaped the cage. Your wings

are stretched out. Now Fly!”


Questions/ko’han 1 to 3:

Rumi wrote:


That’s how you came here, like a nameless star: fly across the night sky

with those anonymous lights.


Do you already remember how YOU came here?

If not, are you intensely trying to?

It is most interesting!

How high are you flying?

Questions/ko’han 4 to 5:

Rumi also asked:


You were born with wings, so why do you prefer

to crawl through life?


Why do you keep crawling through life instead of flying?

Where are the wings that you were born with?




1) Practice Floating Upwards

regularly until it becomes like a second nature to you.


The higher you ascend, even if for only brief moments at first,


the more you will find it unbearable when the forces of your life

pull you downwards into the illusory dimensions

of name and form.


2) Meditate on these verses of Rumi:


Tied up have you been, your feet in the mud,
your body to a log chained: break off all bounds,

for the final flight yourself prepare;
from this weird world your last journey make

to the high peaks soar up where no more separation is there
between you and your true home.


3) Meditate also on this passage of Mère:


First of all there is an ascension; you raise yourself out of the level of material consciousness into superior ranges.


But this ascension of the lower into the higher calls a descent

of the higher into the lower.


When you rise above the earth, you bring down too upon earth something of the above, some light, some power that transforms or tends to transform its old nature.

And then these things that were distinct, disconnected and disparate from each other – the higher in you and the lower, the inner and the outer strata of your being and consciousness –


meet and are slowly joined together and gradually they fuse

into one truth, one harmony. It is in this way that

what are called miracles happen.




1) This poem of Najm al-Din Kubra:


There are lights which ascend and light which descend.

The ascending lights are those of the heart

the descending ones those of the Throne.


Each time a light ascends from you

a light towards you descends…


It is the substance of light in Heaven

that longs for you, to your light is drawn


and towards you descends. This is

the mystical Journey’s secret.


2) This Invocation of Mère:


Without Thee all is inert, brute or inconscient. Thou art all that illumines and enraptures us, the whole reason of our existence and all our goal. Is this not enough to cure us of every personal thought,


to make us spread our wings and soar above the contingencies

of material life, so as to fly away into

Thy divine atmosphere


and be able to return as Thy messengers to the earth to announce the glorious tidings of Thy approaching Advent? O Divine Master, sublime Friend, marvellous Teacher, in a fecund silence I bow to Thee.


3) These verses from Sri Aurobindo’s epic Savitri:


One-pointed to the immaculate Delight,

Questing for God as for a splendid prey,

He mounted burning like a cone of fire.

To a few is given that godlike rare release.

One among many thousands never touched,

Engrossed in the external world’s design,


Is chosen by a secret witness Eye

And driven by a pointing hand of Light

Across his soul’s unmapped immensitudes.




In a world of absence we live still

where through a sky of storms

our heart higher upwards flies

where the mind can no longer follow.


After being lifted to the heaven

by invisible wings of light

you will never be the same

ever again: rejoice!

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