is the most comprehensive and complete guide for Self Realization which has ever been written. It consists of 12 volumes which will be available on this site for free. It tries to find answers to all questions a human being could possibly ask on his or her search for the true nature of one’s Self.

It was written and compiled from thousands of sources by Vijay over the course of twelve years and  is available for everyone who is interested to find answers for one’s innermost questions.

Dive deep into the immense treasure of this universal teaching which shows not one way to Self Realization but a myriad of different paths which all lead to the same goal.

The Spiritual Encyclopedia is open for everyone to read, share and contribute so that it becomes a more and more complete guide for our journey inwards. Visit this site often and meditate on the deeper meaning of the words, images and videos you will discover. Share chapters you find meaningful and interesting with your friends on your social media or contribute words of wisdom to  enrich The Spiritual Encyclopedia and make it a better and more perfect tool for Self discovery.

You can also download the entire 12 books of the encyclopedia  on Amazon for Kindle or in as printed edition.

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