„Fire and Water – The Spiritual Encyclopedia“

is a non profit project which is based on the writings of Vijay who has worked tirelessly for the last 12 years to write and collect more than 12.000 pages of knowledge and wisdom to answer almost every question in life.

We are a small group of dedicated people who want to support him in his wish to make this incredible source of spiritual wisdom and inspiration accessible to everyone entirely free of charge. This is why we have created the “Fire and Water Project” which you are reading right now on the internet.

In order to keep this project running and expand further, we ask you to support it with a small donation.

We have published Vijay’s entire “Spiritual Encyclopedia” in digital form or as paperback. Purchasing it either directly as digital download in PDF format or through Amazon in Kindle Format or sent to your home as printed edition, will support the “Fire and Water” Project.

Please subscribe to our monthly “Fire and Water – The Newsletter” to receive regular spiritual bulletins written directly by Vijay. Vijay’s body is already in an advanced age, but he is happy to communicate as much as he is possible to do it with you.

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