The Yoga Vashista asked:


What does destiny mean, which has no form, nor act, no motion

nor might,but is a false notion rooted in the ignorant?


Its answer is:


It is a word that has come into vogue from the idea of the future

Retribution of one’s past actions and the like,

which is called “destiny”.


The ignorant are led to believe that there is a thing as destiny: the inscrutability of which has led them to the fallacy as that of mistaking a rope for a snake.


There is a supernatural, active energy of the Divine Mind, like a predominant Sanction, Fate or Destiny, which always manifests and determines

all our actions and desires.


The practices of past lives carry along all mankind in theirsucceeding births as their preordained destiny; and it is only by our vigorous efforts that we are enabled to avert our fates, in the manner of princes overcoming a hostile force by a greater might of their own

The belief that we are guided by destiny and do as we are led to do is a deception. Actually


there is no such thing as destiny:


the foreknowledge of events imprinted in the Intellect of God is called Destiny,

and extends over all things at all times.


The meaning of Destiny comprises the knowledge of the causes that move, support and sustain all things in their proper order; and that such and such causes must produce such

and such effects for ever.


This destiny is the force or mobile power, that moves all men and animals,

vegetable and inanimate creations; it is the origin of the time

and motion of all beings.


It is the union or conformity of human exertion, with the course ofdestiny or decree of God that is productive of certain ends, which are respectively called their destiny and destined effects.

It is quite certain that whatever is destined, must surely come topass of its own accord; and that it is impossible to prevent it by the foresight of gods and men.


Yet the wise should not renounce their activity by relying in their fates only,

for they must know that it is our exertion

that brings destiny into action.




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