What you do not realize, each time you choose, is that your choice

is your evaluation OF YOURSELF.


Choose littleness, and you will NOT have peace, for you

will have judged yourself UNWORTHY of it.


And whatever you offer as a substitute, is much too poor a gift to satisfy you. It is essential that you accept the fact, and accept it gladly, that there is NO form of littleness that can EVER content you. You are free to try as many as you wish, but all you will be doing is to delay your home-coming. For you will be content ONLY in magnitude, which IS your home.

Every decision that you make stems from WHAT YOU THINK YOU ARE, and represents the value that you PUT upon yourself.


Which value do you put of yourself?


Don’t be deceived.


Believe the little can content you, and, by LIMITING yourself, you will NOT be satisfied. For your function is NOT little, and it is only by finding your function, and fulfilling it that you can ESCAPE from littleness.

You will have to choose between TOTAL freedom and TOTAL bondage,

for there are no alternatives but these.


Remember that you ALWAYS choose between truth and illusion, between the REAL Atonement which would heal, and the ego’s “atonement,” that would destroy.

It is still up to you to choose to be willing to join with truth or illusion.


But remember that to choose ONE,



Which one you choose, YOU will endow with beauty and reality, because the choice DEPENDS on which you value more. The spark of beauty, or the veil of ugliness; the real world, or the world of guilt and fear; truth or illusion; freedom or slavery, -it is all the same.


For you can NEVER choose except

between God and the ego.


In any situation in which YOU are uncertain, the FIRST thing to consider, very simply, is,


‘What do I want to come of this?

What is it FOR?


There IS no middle ground where you can pause uncertainly, waiting to choose between the joy of Heaven and the misery of hell. UNTIL you choose Heaven, you ARE in hell and misery.


There are TWO teachers only, who point in different ways. And you

will go along the way your chosen teacher leads.


There are but TWO directions you can take, while time remains and choice is meaningful. For never will another road be made, except the way to Heaven.

You but choose whether to go TOWARDS Heaven, or away to nowhere. There is nothing else to choose.

What COULD you choose between, but life or death, waking or sleeping,

war or peace, your dream or your reality?


But if the choice is REALLY given you, then you must see the causes of the things you choose BETWEEN exactly AS they are and WHERE they are.


What choices can be made between two states,

but ONE of which is clearly recognized?


Who could be free to choose BETWEEN effects, when only ONE is seen as up to you? An honest choice could NEVER be perceived as one in which the choice is split between a tiny you and an enormous world, with DIFFERENT dreams about the truth in you.




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