Stone: Tanzanite

The Mantra: Om Vikalpa Bhagavad

The Key:

Whenever choice may confront you always remember that deep within

we always know which is the right one.


Therefore uncertainty and doubts only reveal a resistance

from part of our being to accept it.


a) When there is an essential choice to be made,


be aware that you are not yet one but made of many parts,

different personalities,


and some of them will support one choice and other parts a different or even an opposite one:


ensure that your choice always comes from your higher levels,

never from the superficial ones.

We must choose between what holds us back and what brings us closer to the Divine: although we may seem to have several choices


they are all really between the Truth and the ego’s falsehood,

between death and Conscious Immortality.

In the Bible Jehovah says:


I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing.

Therefore, choose life.


Of course you will choose Life.

But do you choose it all the time?

Choosing life all the time means


never allowing any fear, sadness, despondency, any negativity at all

in any part whatsoever of our being.


Every time we allow any fear, sadness, despondency, any negativity at all in any parts of our being, consciously or unconsciously


we are not choosing Life but death.


Please look at this a while longer before reading on.


Indeed we appear to have a choice between our true destiny, the Mission of our Soul, and the “ordinary life”, the downward way of denial, fear and dispersion into the inane.


But the latter is not a true choice because only the former is real

and bound to emerge in the end, if not in this life

then in a next one.


To which extent can you see this?


b) Let us emphasize it once more: all choices,

no matter how apparently insignificant,


are always ultimately between illusions and the Reality, suffering

and joyful love, personal power and impotent helplessness,

between freedom and slavery,


between the truth of our being and ignorant falsehood

and ultimately between life and death.


Wrong choices cut us off from the very source of life, from our original oneness with all and with the Divine, thereof reinforcing even further the sense of separation suffocating us.


Mère offers the best and easiest way:


I refrain from deciding or acting, I become exclusively a witness –

a non-interfering witness.


I say to the Lord, “It’s for You to decide; it isn’t my business,

You will decide. Whatever happens

is not our concern.


What do YOU say to the Lord?

Do you still feel that whatever happens is your concern?

Most of it isn’t.

Freud had the right attitude in this:


When making a decision of minor importance, I have always found it advantageous to consider all the pros and cons.

In vital matters; however in the choice of a mate or a profession, the decision should come from the unconscious, from somewhere within ourselves.


In the important decisions of personal life, we should be governed,

I think, by the deep inner needs of our nature.


Which are the deep inner needs of your nature?


This, however, works only


once we know and follow our deep inner needs, our true nature,

not the cravings of our ego.


Do you?

To which extent?

Thich Nhat Hanh reminds us again that:


At any moment, you have a choice, that either leads you

closer to your spirit or further away from it.


Letting go gives us freedom, and freedom is the only condition for happiness. If, in our heart, we still cling to anything – anger, anxiety, or possessions – we cannot be free.

How good, or not good, are you at letting go?



c) According to Einstein the most important decision of all is


to believe that we live in a friendly

or hostile universe.


Close, but no cigar:

Is this really the most important choice?

If not, which is the most important one?

In which universe do you live?


Ingmar Bergman had the right attitude:


I make all my decisions on intuition.


I throw a spear into the darkness. That is intuition.

Then I must send an army into the darkness

to find the spear.


What does the spear represent?

Actually, we do not really need an army to find the spear of intuition in the darkness,

our Inner Warrior is enough.

How can we find the spear?

As Mère said, the Divine tells every human being:


Before doing anything, ask Me if your choice is in accord

with Mine. If you are sure of it,

there will be no fear.


Is your choice always in accord with the Divine’s?

If not, why not?

What makes you think that your choices are better than the ones that He could make for you?

She adds that:


All depends upon the choice of the force that you allow

to make use of you as its instrument.


And the choice has to be made

at every moment of your life.


In each one’s life a moment comes when he has to choose between the Path and the muddle.


You cannot put one foot here and one foot there. If you try to, you will

be torn to pieces. A heart that does not choose

is a heart that will die.


What does your heart choose?

What does the rest of you chooses?


Don’t be deceived.


d) The problem is that most often


our “choices” are not made according to the truth of our being

but from our greed, fears and misconceptions.


Almost everyone looks only, or almost only, after his own interests, the ones of his family, or at best those of the religion or system of belief that he has identified himself with.

But by doing so


they reinforce the illusion of separation,


therefore burying themselves even deeper under the suffocating prison of their ego and cutting themselves of from the Divine’s guidance.


This harms them much more than they can ever imagine.


A life entirely free of the uncertainty of making choices


is only possible when we are centered in our inner being,

who is one with the truth.


Marianne Williamson adds:


In every moment, we make a choice between the heavenly awareness

of our connection to all living things, or the hell of the delusion

that we are separate and alone.


The mind will manufacture according to our choice; whichever we choose, we will seem to experience.

e) Mère pointed out that:


To choose without preference and execute without desire is

the great difficulty at the very root of the development

of true consciousness and self-control.


To choose in this sense means to see what is true and bring it into existence; and to choose thus, without the least personal bias for anything, any person, action, circumstance, is exactly what is most difficult for an ordinary human being.


Yet one must learn to act without any preference, free from

all attractions and likings, taking one’s stand solely

on the Truth which guides.


Therefore, before considering any choice,


we must become free of all personal preferences,

of all attractions and likings.


Speaking as the Divine Mother, She suggests how we can avoid all possible errors while choosing:


You imagine I am in front of you and then ask yourself,


“Would I do this before Mother, without difficulty, without any effort, without something holding me back?” That will never deceive you.

If you are sincere you will know immediately.


If you prefer, you can imagine that you are in front of your own image of the Divine, or of your Guru or Teacher.

Indeed until we have reached a certain level of integration centered on our inner being any choice is only apparent,


but all the same striving to make the right one

helps us to grow.


Sri Aurobindo sums it all up thus:


It is not the thinking mind but the vital being – the life-force and the desire nature –

or some part of it at least, that usually determines

men’s action and their choice…


The mind is only an interpreting, justifying

and devising agent.


Apart as a positive projection, never say: “I am choosing this and that.”

But tell yourself:


I let the Divine choose for me, never

the ignorant forces of my life.


The Devil’s Advocate:

You take for granted that you can choose your course of action, but actually it is your past and the influence of my client which determines almost all your apparent “choices”.

It is quite amusing, really, to see humans struggling to make “important” decisions and getting hopelessly confused by all the possible alternatives – when it is already so evident what they will end up “choosing” and doing anyway!

What a joke!


The Khdir:


The best and safest way is always to take a step back, refuse to allow your past conditionings to influence you and above all


realize that you are not acting yourself but are the “Witness”

of your actions, then just let the Divine

choose them through you.


Words of Power:


Choose Love, Ecstasy and Vision and leave forever behind

all suffering, fear and death.


What are you waiting for?



“The strongest principle of growth lies

in the human choice.” Eliot


How so?


Living it:

The issue of choice concerned Vijay a lot already when he was a child playing chess, where almost every move leads to a completely different game.

Sometimes when coming upon an intersection on the road he would consider whether to turn right, left or go straight on in the awareness that, for example, he was inclined to turn right because of some nice trees there, turn left because a nice girl with a nice smile was walking in that direction, or go straight on because there was more shade from the sun

He was aware that In chess his choice would only make him win or lose the game but the road that he chose at an intersection might well determine whether he would, say, find a bookshop with a book he really needed to read, or even meet or not an important person in his life.

However, he blithely neglected to ask himself the most fundamental question:


Who – what – which part or entity in me

has the power to choose?


Which part or entity in you has the power to choose?


Question/ko’han 1:


Deep within us, there is indeed a presence

which has the power to choose.


How will you discover it?

Question/ko’han 2:


In the measure that we are in contact with our inner being,

we always know what we ought to do each moment.


In which measure are you in contact with your inner being?

Question/ko’han 3 to 5:

Consider what influences most the choices that you make:


Your own conditionings?

Random chance and fate?

The Divine?

Question/ko’han 6:

On a certain level,


We all consciously or unconsciously choose our own joys and sorrows

long before they manifest in our lives.


How so?

Question/ko’han 7:

According to a French proverb whoever chooses takes the worst.


If true, why?


The last word is that:


Making a choice based on the programs set in our human brain is like

jumping in the strong current of a twisting river in the hope

that it will go where we want.


How often, or not often, are you doing just that?

Good luck!




1) Consider this:


According to the Quantum physics scientist Pribram there are countless bylines of reality and potentially


our inner being has a measure of freedom

in choosing which one to manifest.


However, recent neurological research has determined that about a second and a half before we consciously “choose” to move a muscle, for example to get up and get a glass of water


our brain has already begun sending out the message

through the nerves to set up the movement.


Please consider the implication of this.

Before you make your “choice”…


the complex mechanisms of your brain

have already made it for you.


How does this make you feel?

If not so good, what will you DO about it?


2) Follow this advice from the Quest:


Until you have discovered who you really don’t even try to “choose”, because you will be the plaything of the ignorant forces of your life,


while when you have finally realized who you really are the question

of “choice” no longer arises at all, because then

you only want to do the Divine’s Will.


3) Meditate on this passage of Mère:

The best solution is always to go deeper within.


All our petty vision, our petty knowledge, our petty judgments, our petty … all of it is nothing; it’s microscopic in comparison with the Consciousness that rules over the Whole.


Make conscious contact with the Supreme Consciousness,

unite with it, and … wait. There.


Then one receives the exact indication of what one has to do every minute – to do or not to do, to act or to remain still. That’s all. Even to be or not to be. it’s the ONLY solution.


All the rest is childishness.




– These words of Mère:


Life is a perpetual choice between truth and falsehood, light and darkness,

progress and regression, the ascent towards the heights

or a fall into the abyss.


At every minute one has to choose, this is indispensable, and infinitely more so than choosing once for all between cleanliness and dirt, whether moral or physical.

The choice: at every second the choice is before you, and you may take a step downward or a step upward, take a step backward or a step forward;


and this state of choice must be constant, perpetual,

you must never fall asleep.


Sri Aurobindo says you must choose, and the choice is constantly put before you, and if you do not choose, well, you do not advance.

You must choose; there is no “force like that” which chooses for you, or chance or luck or fate – this is not true. Your will is free; it is deliberately left free and you have to choose.


It is you who decide whether to seek the Light or not, whether to be the servitor

of the truth or not – it is you. Or whether to have an aspiration or not,

it is you who choose. It is you who must want to do it.




Darkness and light cannot coexist and never will.

Between them merely a cohort of shadows is there:

far beyond all separation, suffering and fear

Love, Ecstasy and Vision always abide.

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