You wish, desire, prefer things to be like this and not like that.

But that, indeed, is not a choice.


The choice is there at every minute; every minute you are faced with a choice: the choice to climb up or go down, the choice to progress or go backwards.


But this choice does not imply that you prefer things to be like this

or like that; it is a fact of every moment, an attitude you take.

Choice means a decision and an action.


Preference is a desire. A choice is made and ought to be made, and if it is truly a choice, it is made without care for the consequences, without expecting any result. You choose; you choose according to your inner truth, your highest consciousness;


whatever happens does not touch you, you have made your choice,

the true choice, and what comes about

is not your concern.


While, on the contrary, if you have preferences, you will choose through preference in one way or another, your preference will distort your choice: it will be calculation, bargaining,


you will act with the idea that a particular thing must happen because

this is what you prefer and not because that is the truth,

the right thing to do.


Preference is attached to the result, acts with a view to the result, wishes things to be in a particular way and acts to bring about its wish; and so this opens the door to all kinds of things. Choice is independent of the result. And certainly, at every minute you can choose, you are faced with the necessity of choosing at every second.


And you do not choose really well, in all sincerity, unless it is the truth

of the choice which interests you, and not the result of your choice.

If you choose with the result in view,

that falsifies your choice.




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