1) Before making any choice or taking any decisions

consider in a very concentrated way:


– What you really want to achieve most of all.


– Which are your TRUE motivations in wanting it.


– Which is the part of you that wants to achieve it;


– If this part is your central, inner one or not.


– If you are not sure that it is,

examine which are the external influences from the past of from people close to you that make you wish to achieve it.


Make sure that your choices aren’t determined by any conditionings

from the past, and that you never automatically follow

any superficial inclinations


b) Be aware that


once you have made a decision from the truth of your being the whole universe conspires to make it happen, therefore


once you have made it trust that

it WILL be accomplished.


c) Imagine that you find yourself


in a shop where they sell two types of items: those who are expensive but last for only a very short time (pleasures, satisfactions, amusements)

and those who cost very little or are even given to you for free: Joy, Love, Peace, etc:

which ones will you take?


Yes, the answer is only too obvious, but then why sometimes are you attracted by the ephemeral, expensive ones?


d) Whenever you find yourself inclined to make a choice




and ask yourself is your choice is according the Divine’s Will and Wisdom,

and if it is accept whatever reality confronts you.


With this attitude, the problem of choice no longer arises because you have become more aware and are no longer so worried about external things, no longer projected to the outside on a personal level.


Whatever happens you will appreciate it, live it, experience it

and get something out of it, because every experience

is an expansion of awareness.



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