Here can be found the answer to the most essential

questions a human being can ask.

In the Internet there are countless sites about all worldly and spiritual issues, but almost all limit themselves to a specific religion or system of thought while ignoring or putting down all others, or are commercial and offer only some basic information to advertise the books, CD’s and courses they are selling. Vijay was inwardly told to create one or its equivalent in book form, but before finishing it he was no longer there; the author added what he had omitted or left incomplete and made some improvements on it.

More than revealing any “new” truths this text presents

various facets of the ONE Truth

in a concentrated and a bit interactive way by presenting some challenging questions to the reader. All the differences between religions and spiritual paths are human deformations, a matter of semantics and interpretation; every genuine Teacher

always revealed the same universal Truth

which is always ONE.

The idea for this text I began in 1974 when Vijay had to leave India and go to Australia for a while; as he couldn’t afford to airmail all his spiritual texts there he cut out their most essential passages, divided them by subject: Seeking, The Path, the Mind, the Divine, the Great Liberation, etc, and pasted them on a large album. He used this compilation in Singapore and Australia to present Sri Aurobindo’s Integral Yoga to those interested, which at the times were not so many there. When he and Prema Devi started their free healing center in Auroville, India, Internet had arrived and Vijay gathered information from it, but as at the times he had no intention to publish it, he didn’t record the source of the quotes that he used as a reference. We apologize for this omission to their authors but what really matters

is not WHO said or wrote a particular message, only whether it is the Truth,

and if it can be helpful to the reader.

This text is meant for everyone, so there is a wide range of quotations, from basic to much more advanced ones.

These messages carry with them the powerful energies of the Teachers

who said them and in the measure of one’s receptivity

will transmit them to the reader.

While writing this text, which took over a decade of his life, Vijay felt guided: many times the needed messages came to him by apparent “chance” without his having to look for them, and something like an inner voice told him which ones to include and which not. The most important thing is always the reader’s receptivity,

to which extent you can use this text to find out who you really are

and the real meaning of your life.

And who are you? Saying it with Rumi’s words:

You might not like what I have to tell you: you are blocked

and now must seeking nothing else

but your Origin.

What is your origin?

Please stop a moment after each chapter to consider

the passages that touched you most.

They can utterly transform your life and bring you to higher levels of Love, Joy, Vision and Ecstasy than you could ever dream.

When Mère was asked by a disciple how it came to pass that they met She replied:

We have all met in previous lives. Otherwise we would not have come together

in this life. We are of one family and have worked through ages for

the victory of the Divine and its manifestation upon earth.

Most likely you came upon this text because in a way or another you have already worked through the ages for the Divine and His Manifestation on Earth. The title of the domain refers to a poem of Rumi, Fire and Water, in the Path to Immortality section

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