Stone: Kyanite

The Mantra: Om Aham Dharma Anubadhnaati


The Key:


Set the direction of your life by the truth of your being,

by your heart, not by any old conditionings

or anyone else’s beliefs.

a) Sharafuddin Maneri introduces the issue with a most basic Question:


How will you know the best road to take,
the one leading to Him?


Which frames of reference should you use to find it out?

Then answered his own question with:

For everyone a particular entrance is there,

a personal way to Him.


How will you find out your very own?Which is YOUR OWN entrance?

Are you SURE?

Keep in mind Nisargadatta Maharaj’s warning:

It is folly to waste one’s life running in all directions searching for different concepts.

It’s sufficient to be still and remain at the feet of the Self, the eternal silence,

which alone can still the mind’s restlessness.


What else could ever still your mind’s restlessness?

The way that Iqbal put it in his Divine Book is:


I wandered in the pursuit of my own self; I was the traveler,

and the destination as well.


b) Let us say that you are looking at many things at the same time:


Something desirable in a shop window, an airplane passing rapidly in the sky, buildings and people, traffic in the street below your room, a thought about something that concerns you, etc

What do all those things have in common?

Only one:


you are looking AWAY FROM YOURSELF, looking

in every other direction but at yourself.


Whatever you may be looking at, apart from your Teacher is you have one, his photo or a representation of the Divine,


the true Direction always meant for your soul

is never there, for IT IS IN YOU.


Indeed the inward and the outside are ultimately one in the Divine’s mind, but until we really realize this, not just “believe” so, it is as if they were separate for us.


We must build a bridge between our head to our heart

and find our direction with our heart, never

with our limited human mind.


The way that the Course in Miracles put it is:


There are but TWO directions you can take, while time remains and choice is meaningful.

For never will another road be made, except the way to Heaven.


You but choose whether to go TOWARDS Heaven, or away to nowhere.

There is nothing else to choose.

c) Tell yourself all the time:


I choose Love, Ecstasy and Vision


and leave forever behind me all suffering, fear and immemorial Death,

for they cannot coexist: there is nothing

between the two but illusions.


Whatever comes to you ask yourself:


In which direction does this go? Is this what I really want?

Then your choice will be clear.


The Yoga Vashista reminds us that:


Man is pulled in two different directions, towards the realization of Brahman

or to the ignorant accepting the “reality” of the world.


What he makes an effort to realize with a great intensity,

that prevails.


What do you strive to realize with a great intensity?


Do you trust that it will prevail?

To which extent?


The Veil:


Of course, every true Direction is always

beyond the Veil.


The Dreamgame:

In the Dreamgame, our true Direction is both one of our greatest POWERS and an ALLY.

In it we can stop a moment any time we want and consider how best to proceed.


Learn how to do this in your life.


Stop following automatically your conditioned inclinations and what your mind tells you that should be done or not done, re-examine them carefully


to find the rue direction of your life.


The Devil’s Advocate:

Darling, there is only ONE direction of your life, and you know only too well that it is death, but it is a comfort to you to imagine something else…

Yeah, keep dreaming on!


The Khdir:


Look at the true direction of your life in the awareness that after all it may not be that which so Far you have taken for granted:


look at it with your heart in the silence of your mind, then once you have

found it at last no longer allow anyone or anything

to divert you from it ever again.


Why would you ever let anyone or anything divert you from it ever again?


Words of Power:


I never look where I don’t want to go.


Go in the direction from where comes

your peace and happiness.

From where does your peace and joy come?


Are you always going in that direction?

If not, why?

Don’t be deceived.


“Don’t go out and become a victim. Go inside

and become a master.” Yogi Bhajan

“If you are facing in the right direction, just

keep on walking.” Buddhist saying


Yes, it is pretty obvious.

But why we keep walking in all sorts of wrong directions?

Which is the right direction in your particular case?


“We are moving towards a light that embraces

the darkness.” Ram Dass


Living it:

From “The Quest”


For so many years I could not have been more directionless: I was almost constantly traveling without any true aim.

Once on the Path at last I began to look for the direction of my life but was unsuccessful until instead of obsessively striving to find it I began telling myself:


How interesting! Through all my past conditionings I now find myself tuned in to this force…energy… impulse…trying to make me think, feel, and react in a certain way, driving me in its own directions..

Instead of automatically follow them as of old


I now take a step back and just observe it, see from where it comes from,

if the direction where is trying to push me

is really where I want to go!

Then I am just observing a phenomenon, and until I remain in this attitude

I am already free, and then the direction of my life is finally true.

Nowadays I try to follow Rumi’s advice:


“Stay in the company of lovers. Those other kinds of people, they each

want to show you something: a crow will lead you

to an empty barn, a parrot to sugar.”


Who are the true Lovers?


The Way:

Ata’allah points out the Way:


Do not travel from phenomenal being to phenomenal being or you

will be like a donkey going around at the mill.


Travel from phenomenal beings

to the Maker of all Being.

Of course you don’t want to be the donkey.

But how will you travel from phenomenal being to the Maker of all Being?

At least once a day, but ideally every moment that you have some time for yourself, go deeply within and look at it.

It is not necessary to think in terms of meditation, prayer or contemplation:


just be quietly, silently alone

with yourself.


It will be enough.

At least to begin with.

Ikkyu had the right attitude:


Having no destination,

I am never lost.

Of course he meant that


he had no destination in the external world, and also not to the inner one

because he had already reached it.


Wu Hsin agrees:


All paths lead somewhere,
Wu Hsin tells you:

No path is needed,

There is no place to go.You are the destination.


In which sense you are the destination?

He also warned that:


One gets further lost in all destinations

other than here.


In which destinations other than here are you still getting lost?

Don’t be deceived.

Follow Rumi’s advice:


Don’t insist on going where you think you want to go

but find the way to the spring.


Where do you think that you want to go?

Are you SURE?

Don’t be deceived.

What does the spring represents?

Where is the way to it?

How will you find it?

Mère recommends that whenever you have some spare time you tell yourself:


At last, I have some time to concentrate, to collect myself,

to relive the purpose of my life, to offer myself

to the True and the Eternal.


The Course in Miracles has a very serious warning:


Any direction that would lead you where the Holy Spirit

leads you not goes nowhere.


Nowhere at all.

Never say: “There is where I WANT to go.”

But if you are sure tell yourself:


This is the true direction in this moment of my life.


But only if you feel it deeply in your heart, not just with your mind.


Question/ko’han 1 to 3:

Which do you reckon is the true direction of your life?


Where do you expect that it will bring you?

Question/ko’han 4:


Whatever comes to you, always check whether it really helps you

towards what you aspire to become or not.


Do you always remember to do that?

Question/ko’han 5:


The true direction of our life may never be there

until we CREATE it.


Are you creating it? How?

Question/ko’han 6:


Once we follow the true direction of our life, everything

becomes possible for us.


Can there be any real reason not to follow it?

Question/ko’han 7:

Rumi asked:


Do you pay regular visits to yourself?


Do you?

If yes, how often?

If not, why not?

Mère has the last word:


On the road of the ascending evolution, everyone is free to choose the direction

he will take: the swift and steep climb towards the summits of Truth,

to the supreme realization,


or turning his back to the peaks, the easy descent to the interminable

meanderings of endless incarnations.




1) Tell yourself all the time:


– I choose the direction of Love, Ecstasy and Vision

and leave forever behind me all suffering, fear and immemorial Death,

for they cannot coexist.


– There is nothing between the two but illusions.


– Whatever comes I simply ask myself:

in which direction does this go? Is this what I really want?

Then my choice is always clear.


2) Practice having the same attitude as Joseph Campbell here:


To find your own way is to follow your bliss.


Where is your bliss?


This involves analysis, watching yourself and seeing

where real deep bliss is –


– not the quick little excitement, but the real deep, life-filling bliss.

If you follow your bliss, you put yourself on a kind of track, which has been there all the while waiting for you,


and the life that you ought to be living

is the one you are living.


Even when it sometimes doesn’t seem so at all.

Especially then.


3) Follow Rumi’s advice:


Find the way to the spring. Your living fragments

will form a harmony.


There is a moving palace that floats in the air

with balconies and clear water flowing through, infinity

everywhere, yet under a single tent contained.


Ask yourself once more:

How will you find your way to the spring?

There is only one for each of us.




1) These words of Wilhelm Wundt:


Consider how a driver guides the immense momentum of a car, not knowing how it engine works or how its steering wheel turn it left or right.

Yet when one comes to think of it,


We drive our bodies, cars and minds

in very similar ways.


So far as conscious thought is concerned, you steer yourself much in the same way, you merely choose your new directio0n and all the rest takes care of itself.

This incredible process involves a huge society of muscles, bones, and joints, all controlled by hundreds of interacting programs that even specialists don’t yet understand


Yet all you think is. “turn that way” and your wish

is automatically fulfilled.


2) This passage of Vivekananda


The highest direction is that which takes us to God;

every other direction is lower.


Actually, every other direction is not just lower but leads nowhere.


We find that pleasures and pains are very common and oft-recurring feelings in our lives. When a man feels pain because he lacks wealth or some such worldly thing, he is giving a wrong direction to the feeling.

Still pain has its uses: let a man feel pain that he has not reached the Highest, that he has not reached God,


and that pain will be to his salvation.


When you become glad that you have a handful of coins, it is a wrong direction given to the faculty of joy;


it should be given a higher direction, it must be made

to serve the Highest Ideal.


Which is the highest Ideal?


3) These words of Shams of Tabriz:


God has shown a direction to each one, in such a way that they see no other direction.

One see the work of goldsmithing, and to another he shoes the subtleties of jewelry, of alchemy, of sorcery, of explanations…


And others, filled with ease and the pleasure of the other universe,

see the Divine Light of God,


while someone else sees desire, attraction, beauty, and love, the other sees only foolishness and buffoonery.


And someone else sees angels, houris, the Throne

and the Highest Heaven, and is drawn to these.


For each of them, a window of sight is opened in this kiosk, and they watch the universe from a different balcony.


There are 1001 directions, but only one leads where you are meant to go.

All others lead nowhere at all, or at best may be

approaches to this one direction.




Here is this crossroad: shall you

go right, straight on, or perhaps left?

Never let the forces of your life

carelessly choose it instead of YOU!

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