There are countless questions, but until the Great Awakening



the only fact you can be sure of

is that you ARE.


When you say ‘I am this or that’ only the “I” is something real, for the ‘this or that” is an illusion.


Find out in what your “I” really consists of beyond every this or that,

beyond all your apparent qualities.


The Course of Miracles goes to the very core of the issue:


You do not ask only for what you really want because

you are afraid of receiving it.


What is it that you really want?

Just happiness and enjoyments?




The Great Liberation?

The Divine?



for it is who you really are.


But WHO do you feel that you are?


“Who am I?” is the most essential question, and each of us

must find our own answer.


The way that Devara Dasimayya put it is:


When to the hunger-less figure you serve waters of no thirst,

whisper the arational word in the heart, and call without a name,

who is it that echoes Oh in answer, O Ramanatha,

it is you, or is it me?


The hungerless figure is your real being.

It has no hunger because is aware of being one with all and all things.

The waters of no thirst are our higher levels of awareness.

The “arational word in the heart” comes from our Inner Guide, the Khdir.


We “must call without a name” because the Divine is always

far beyond all names and forms.


Ask yourself this Question then:


Who is it that answers?


You or the Divine in you?

According to Bulleh Shah


As soon as he drinks from this cup no questions

and no answers remain.


Which cup?

What happens when neither questions nor answers remain?


There is only one Cup which is real.


Are you ready to drink from it?

All others are mere mirages at best.

And many contain poisons.

While working on this text, several times Vijay tried to explain what happens when neither questions nor answers remain, deleted it, rewrote it again and then definitely it gave up because it can never be explained in the language we have, not even in Sanskrit, only be hinted at.


Each of us must find out his very own

ultimate Answer.


According to Zen Master Mumon,


Asking about the true nature of Buddhahood (our real nature)

is like holding loot in one’s pocket and declaring

oneself innocent.


How so?

Mumon means that we already have the answer deep within us.


Find the necessary determination, aspiration

and courage to face it.




– Meditate on this passage of Sri Aurobindo which offers a hint of the Answer:


Lift your eyes towards the Sun; He is there in that wonderful heart

of life and light and splendor.


Watch at night the innumerable constellations glittering like so many solemn watchfires of the Eternal in the limitless silence which is no void but throbs with the presence of a single calm and tremendous existence…

Imagine the endlessness of Time, realize the boundlessness of Space; and then


remember that when these worlds were not, He was,

the Same as now, and when these are not,

He shall be, still the Same.


Then come back to the Earth and realize who He is. He is quite near to you. See yonder old man who passes near you crouching and bent, with his stick. Do you realize that it is God who is passing?


There a child runs laughing in the sunlight. Can you hear Him

in that laughter? Nay, He is nearer still to you.

He is in you, He is you.


It is yourself that burns yonder millions of miles away in the infinite reaches of Space, that walks with confident steps on the tumbling billows of the ethereal sea; it is you who have set the stars in their places and woven the necklace of the suns not with hands but by that Yoga,


that silent actionless impersonal Will which has set you here today listening to yourself in me.


Look up, O child of the ancient Yoga, and be no longer a trembler and a doubter;


fear not, doubt not, grieve not; for in your apparent body is One

who can create and destroy worlds with a breath.


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