The Maitrayana Brahmana Upanishad explains how the inner Prison was formed:


Carried along by the waves of the qualities, darkened in his imaginations, unstable, fickle, crippled, full of desires, vacillating, he enters into belief, believing I am he, this is mine,


and binds his Self by his own Self

as a bird with a net.


The bird born in a cage no longer remember that its true nature is to fly freely in the wide open sky


unless someone opens the cage for it

and encourages it to fly out..


Likewise most of us don’t even realize that they are living in a cage of their own making, and the most terrible case is those who are aware that they are prisoners and that there is a way out,




fearing that out of the cage they would no longer be “themselves”, although it merely consists of the total sum of all their limitations and suffering!


Something in them still clings to their habitual cage, afraid of getting lost

in so much light and freedom outside it.


What in you still clings to your habitual cage?


No, the first answer which came to your mind is not the real one.

Look deeper.

Even if the cage’s door has been inadvertently left open,


Birds born and raised in a cage

are afraid to go out of it


The way that Wu Hsin put it is:


Pei owner a bird that

he wanted to set free.

He opened its door but

the bird did not move.

Wu Hsin told Pei:

a caged bird is not freed merely

by opening the door.


Until the fear of the unknown subsides,

until the desire arises

to fly away,

the bird remains where he is,

preferring the known

to the unknown.


Frank Kafka spoke of


a cage which went in search of a bird.


Imagine that you are that bird:

which kind of cage do you think would come in search of you?


Kabir asks you:

Caged parrot, who has caught you?


Well, basically it was none other than yourself , the enemy within.

But according to Aebd – Ur – Rahman


The Immortal Bird never was caught

in anyone’s net.


Aren’t YOU the immortal Bird?

Of course you ARE.

Even if you are no longer aware of it.

Then how could you ever be caught in any net?


The immortal Bird is your Higher Self, not your surface “I”,

which is easily trapped in so many cages.




Farid al-Din Attar had the right attitude:


I am free because I am not the body,

because the soul-bird I am
that in the Sky’s infinity flies.

Rumi has the last word:

You are the bird of happiness in the magic of existence.

What a pity! Why did you let yourself

be chained and caged?




– These verses of Stewart Bitkoff:Like a captive bird
The soul sings

Remembering its home.

It is precisely
For this song

The bird is caged.






Almost invisible our cage seems to be,

for not of iron rods its bars are made

but of the past, of all we could not let go,

wondrous kisses and deep wounds alike.


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