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The Spiritual Encyclopedia

The project began twelve years ago when Vijay, a teacher, healer and writer, began exploring the Internet to find the answers to the questions which people from all over the world asked him but found that almost all sites limit themselves to a specific religion or system of thought while ignoring or denying all others, or are commercial in order to to advertise the books, CD’s and courses they are selling.

He then compiled the twelve volumes of The Spiritual Encyclopedia, the most complete and comprehensive text on spirituality and human issues ever written; a universal guide for yoga and self realization to help everyone to find their own way to truth, inner peace and infinite love, a spiritual dictionary consisting of 12.000 pages of universal wisdom and practical advice, meditations, techniques, questions and answers, quotes from all sources,  and enriched with experiences from his own journey to Self realization.

Who am I? How can I find true happiness and inner peace? What is meditation? How can I be healed? My depression? What is the meaning of my life? What really happens after death? How can I find my inner Self, achieve inner happiness and everlasting peace. #fireandwater

After meeting some spiritual Teachers, amongst whom Jean Klein, Dilip Kumar Roy and Krishnamurti, Vijay came to Sri Aurobindo ashram in 1968 and soon joined the international city of Auroville near Pondicherry in south India, where he still lives.

Under his guidance we have started the “Fire and Water” project to bring the complete text of The Spiritual Encyclopedia online –entirely free for everyone.